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  1. So im finally back to normal life after the baby show and my little holiday, and as I sat writing my to do list for the week I thought I really need to do a bit of a report on my weekend at the baby show and let you all know about the really rather lovely people that I met,

    So over the next week I will do a few blog posts to tell you all about the lovely folk selling fabulous things that surrounded me at the baby show

    Lets start with the fabulous Claire, author of Babies all wrapped up. Claire is  a GP and mum of 3 young children, she wrote her book to provide concise practical information full of hot tips based on her own experiences and the experiences of her friends, family and patients

    Visit her on facebook

    babies all wrapped up

    babies all wrapped up 2

    Next up, the rather fun and cheerful Amanda from Disco Duck, Disco duck is a pre school dance experience and Amanda was at the show to recruit new teachers, mums and dads like you who want to work for themselves doing something fun and rewarding

    Here is a photo of Amanda on her stand.....with my dad helping out as 'Disco Duck'

    disco duck

  2. So after almost a week back at home I think I might finally be recovered from the baby show, I had a great time, we had a great atmosphere on the 'mums club' stands and everyone that stopped to say hello and look at my items where lovely.

    Im going to do some detailed blogs about my fellow mums and dads and their products soon so you will all have lots of lovely sites to go and visit, but for now I just wanted to let you all know I am here, and as an excited way to end this post....check out who made for mums picked as one of their best things at the show .....